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Mooning bare ass

No ifs or buts, ass end is nigh, quite literally it seems for bright young things from across England and now the world who are taking pictures of themselves baring their mooning in public places teenturboporn uploading brandy ledford boobs resulting image to Instagram.

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This kind of exhibitionism or mooning it we used to call it, is not new. It has been a well-used way of showing disrespect to an enemy or scorn to nobility for centuries.

Now, showing your butt in some beautiful landscape is the latest jolly wheeze for firm-buttocked young people to entertain themselves. This was what the Internet was made for….

Mooning smileys

It all started with the Instagram page Cheeky Exploits bare has been encouraging people from across the globe to upload snaps of their bare butts in suitable lush or unusual envirnoments.

And people have been sending in moonshots from Australia, Brazil, America and alike—and you can check them out here. Via Plymouth Herald and Ufunk. Email Address. Moon shots: