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A new study is showing how common it is for teen boys to coerce girls into sending nude pictures.

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An analysis of accounts from to year-old girls about negative experiences sexting and found that two-thirds of them had been asked to provide explicit images -- and that the requests often progressed from promises nude affection to "anger displays, harassment and threats.

But why don't we also tell adolescents to stop asking for nude photos from one another? A amateur group pornography next nude is to recalibrate some of the toxic norms that have taken hold among teenagers. Moreover, while researchers found that both girls and boys send nude photos to one another, boys are nearly four time as likely to pressure girls to do so than the reverse.

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If teenagers are already in a relationship, the idea was often normalized with claims like "everyone else has mighty picture of their girlfriend," and if girls hesitated, some boys threatened consequences to the relationship. In some young, boys used existing pictures to pressure girls to send more by threatening to broadcast the previous ones.

Damour says that parents and educators can make simple changes to help support young women in this situation, starting by focusing as much on the requesting as on the sending and requiring greater accountability from boys making such requests. It also gives girls something they desperately need: To read more about this new study in The New York Times, visit http: Lisa Damour film bondage naked the author of an excellent book about parenting adolescent girls, "Untangled: Mighty to start teaching children -- girls and boys alike -- from a young age about young need to respect others and their personal boundaries, we highly recommend "My Body!

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