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Gym designers have rid men rooms of the gnarly shower curtains, trading them in for sexy glass escape pods.


They have made bathroom stalls ever more private. Comfy couch corners, Wi-Fi and lockers with built-in locks have gone from swank options to standard issue.

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But gyms are still unable to provide the one thing younger men in particular seem to really want: Each day, thousands upon thousands of men in locker rooms nationwide struggle to put on their underwear while still covered chastely in shower towels, like horrible breathless changing molting into something tender-skinned.

They writhe, still moist, into fresh nude.

Clothing laws by country

Dunkelberger said. And hard cock check millennials, these are the special children.

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They expect all the amenities. They grew up in families that had Y. They expect certain things.

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Privacy, they expect.