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Madonna and nude

Madonna posted a nude selfie on Instagram Thursday, attempting to block her topless torso with a black scribble. However, the self-censorship didn't really work as her nipples are still quite visible in the surprising nude.

'Desperate' Madonna Poses Nude – At 58!

But while the nude image did attract some eyes, it was the star's face that left even devoted fans taken aback: Some fans had positive reactions: View this post on Instagram Still drooling and a handbag A post shared by Madonna madonna on Jan 25, at 6: Also half-blocking Madonna's chest jeniriveraporno a Louis Vuitton handbag featuring an image of the Mona Lisa, which she wrote she's "drooling over.

Minutes later, she posted an old snapshot from the s of herself with actress friend Debi Mazar, reflecting on when the madonna "could not afford handbags!

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Singer Madonna performs on stage. Singer Madonna and Marilyn in backstage at a New York club.