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A lover once said "I have lovers and I have friends I may or may not have sex with". At the time I was happy to be in the 'lover' category as this seemed to me a superior position, with potential lovers evolvement into something He was demoted in my mind to fuck buddy.

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There were no complaints! So what have I learnt from being someones "lover"? Lots actually, lots and lots and lots, but here lovers the key thing I learnt; A lover is a lover, AND a boyfriend is a boyfriend, AND a fuck-buddy is a fuck-buddy.

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They are different creatures so treat them as such. If you want to drive yourself insane and cause yourself copious amounts of unnecessary grief then by all means attempt to secretly turn your "lover" into a "boyfriend". Good luck with that. This is a particularly fabulous strategy for the commitment phobe who is wanting seffi graff nude kid themselves that they are ready for commitment.

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What I mean fuck, if you are truly ready for a commitment you wouldn't waist your heart space with someone who wasn't.

They just wouldn't be romantically interesting to you. It wouldn't matter how funny, fuck cute or smart or lovely they were, they just wouldn't fit your criteria. The criteria being 'prospective partner must be ready to step into commitment'.