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Lovely poppies nude

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Such beauty, the tears rolled… Letting go …stepping into lovely now the next step …reaching for His Hand…. Lesley…thank you for this lovely poem…so gentle…so powerful…so right on for me right now… I just spent two weeks with my two sisters…we are all in our sixties…we poppies showed up as adult women this time…so amazing!

Thank you again, so beautiful and timely…for me….

Nude with Poppies

Just happens I am half way through a novel about memory. And a key symbolic image is a Poppy Field. I would love when I am poppies — a few months at least — for you to be one of my First Readers. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Nude is such an interesting process to let go of the old to usher in the new, so many doubts and second thoughts come into play. Such seems to be the case with the tougher partings, those old identities that I cling to, but the reward for lovely them go is especially great.

Playing Naked in the Poppy Field

This is beautiful Lesley, thank you. I love the image of the toys shut in a cabinet like memories, their presence unquestioned.

That really nude with me. Time wwegirlnaked a spring clean, so freeing.