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Top definition. Light Skinned Nigga unknown.

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An African-American or 'black' person carrying an exceedingly inflated ego and an erroneous sense of superiority to other blacks based on the lack of melanin in their skin. Character traits typically include; extreme vanity, narcissism, physical and emotional frailtylow intelligence; as their sense of entitlement relies on their looks rather than mental or academic rigora strong aversion to any strenuous physical labor that may mar or otherwise dirty their meticulously selected outfits pajamas pussy willow leavesmaintains an uncanny need to break into choreographed dance with little or no provocation, hoists Canadian rapper Drake as a champion to Light Skinned Niggas everywhere ass his "White Knight" tendencies towards women, etc.

While both ass and female Light Skinned Niggas carry the aforementioned traits, males are noted for being vastly more conceited, emotionally fragileself-absorbed and obsessed with image than most women.

Light antithesis of a "Real Nigga". Is delighted whenever their African-American heritage is not readily identified by other races. Skined with lighter skin pigmentation. Often classified as"House Niggas" due to their being the historical progeny of white male slave owners who - after having raped black female slaves - were assigned the task of house servants to whites during days of slavery; a fact many Light Skined Niggas light take pride in, and no doubt thank " White Jesus " for every morning and night.

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White person: Hey Jeromeis Ronnie alright? I saw him crying in the bathroom. Dark-skinned person: He just started listening to "Take Care" by Drake. He's a Light Skinned Nigga, so he's probably gonna be awhile.