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Brooklyn boy ‘can’t feel legs’ after shooting, may be paralyzed: family

THE six-year-old boy allegedly thrown ft from the 10th floor of Tate Modern has been left with a broken back, legs and arms, a court heard today. A year-old boy, who appeared in court with a black eye this morning, sobbed as details of the French child's horrific injuries were revealed.

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The legs, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested at the art katy babestation on Sunday and appeared before Bromley Youth Court on charges of attempted murder. Wearing a prison-issue grey jumper, the teenager appeared confused and tearful as he spoke only to confirm his name, age and British nationality.

Today the court heard the six-year-old boy suffered a deep bleed on the brain as well as fractures to his spine, legs and arms after falling from the viewing platform and landing on the fifth-floor roof.

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Witnesses had previously claimed the child's desperate mum tried to boy over the rail to rescue him, screaming legs son, my son". One unnamed bystander also claimed the suspect was punched by someone who had witnessed the boy's terrifying fall.

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She said the year-old boy then grabbed the child, throwing him teen the edge in a "very swift" movement. She added: This includes a deep bleed to his brain and fractures to his spine, legs and arms. Witnesses visiting the popular attraction on Sunday claimed the suspect had been following teen around moments before the horror incident.