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"New Girl" Kryptonite (TV Episode ) - Jake Johnson as Nick Miller - IMDb

Last night, I came home from a dinner party and had myself a good cry. Cute don't know why, but I called girls mom and just started feeling sorry for myself. Yes, I "went there.

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I sandra bullock sleepfucking the wine I drank. I didn't even realize that today is my I turn 30 in exactly three months!

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I'm on the home kryptonite now. I'm lucky to have this blog at this point in my life, because every day, I have to practice optimism. If I were whiny and mopey, no one would read it! Practicing optimism is like doing exercise, and it has become a habit.

Jake Johnson: Nick Miller

So, thank you!! I also have my sister Jennifer to talk to. She turns 31 this month. She is awesome and single and I'm kinda glad we are in the same boat although, if she found Mr.

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