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Prisoner 97W Convicted July 6, - murder in the first degree 16 years old tried as an adult.

J.D. Williams

He was sent to prison for murdering a student he was attempting to rob. His constant macho bravado, disrespect for older prisoners, and drug addictionamong other things, make him particularly unsympathetic. He has an uneasy relationship with Homeboy gang leader, Simon Adebisi throughout the series, which oscillates between loyal camaraderie and public antagonism.

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Adebisi routinely harasses his constant sidekick, but freely shares the drugs. Wangler is sent to Oz for murder group sex frontal is immediately seen as a target.

Naked J.D. Williams

After he compliments Kareem Said by telling him he loved his book, Said tries to convert him to Islambut his heroin addiction keeps him off the straight and narrow path. Adebisi naked to current Homeboy leader Jefferson Keane to let him in so that the Homeboys can more easily wipe out the Italians.

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He helps Adebisi seriously injure Italian Joey D'Angelo in the kitchen and proves that he has a place in the gang. Throughout the season up to the riot, Wangler remains a key drug dealer and user who goes through severe withdrawal during the riot. In General Population, Wangler goes through severe williams withdrawal and is assaulted by the guards.

In the classroom, Wangler is disrespectful and verbally berates several inmates, especially Poetwho has a talent for writing.