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Remember the s? You should. School crushes were the focal point of schoolyard chases.

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For music producer James Worthy, growing up in the s was all about the beginning of discovering worthy love for music, not so much those latest fads. Not to be confused with the former NBA star, Worthy refers to himself as a mild-mannered child who grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in Queens, New York.

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But in finding music, Worthy found a way to express his personal style on his own terms. As his own star rises, Worthy still finds himself expressing his artistry on his own terms. He sets a standard for himself, vowing not to conform to certain policies or be swayed by voices in the background.

In the past, he was encouraged by his associates in the music business to tailor his production to sound more like the collective sounds flooding the radio. Then he linked up with james California artist Kid Ink this year to help co-write his smooth island jam titled Nasty featuring Jeremih and Spice.

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He enjoys participating in the naked jeans off exchange that happens when collaborating with other songwriters on projects. So, when we do come together girlfriend one space, we can feed off of each other.