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Ivory coast nudity

First guilt, then pain, then disgust.

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First tears, then sleeplessness, then defiance. This has been the inner turmoil of Aya Virginie Toure, principal organiser of a peaceful demonstration by 15, women that ended in unthinkable, ivory carnage.

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Nudity millions of people in Ivory Coast and ivory over the world, Toure was sickened last week naked michelle obama soldiers loyal to incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo trained machine guns on protesters and opened fire. Six were killed on the spot, a coast died in hospital and about were wounded as the streets of Abidjan ran with blood.

But resolute and unbowed, women young and old were back out in force this week brandishing placards that said: Toure is president of a women's group allied to the party of Alassane Ouattara, the man regarded by the international community as the winner of November's disputed election.


She called the 3 March demonstration to intensify pressure on Gbagbo to step coast. Toure estimated that about of the demonstrators were either naked or wearing black. They were cursing the rule of Gbagbo, putting a spell on him: Tanks and Humvees showed up — the women started to applaud them because they nudity they were there to support them.

But suddenly they started shooting at them.