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Immediately and without warning, she shoved her middle finger inside Cherry's dripping pussy. Cherry was caught off guard and it shocked her sensations. She immediately orgasmed. With her butt up in the air, her pussy was opened wide and inside Rica took off her finger, her pussy gushed out a lot of love juice. Rica immediately shoved her tongue deep inside Cherry and this brought her over the tamilsexnued images again, sending her to another orgasm.

Rica was making all sorts of sounds with her pussy. Ohhhh yeah Rica continued to lick her pussy. Rica was very talented ith her tongue especially since she was familiar wit what Cherry liked.

The Debate Team Pt. 04

Cherry liked having the inner outlines of her labia licked up and down and loved it when her pussy is kissed like it was an actual mouth. She loved it when her labia was also kissed separately one after the other. Cherry was going crazy with ecstasy especially when Rica started flicking her clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Ahhhh uhhhh ahhhhh Yeaahhhh ahhhhh huhhhhhhh hmmmmmpppfff" Rica stopped for a while, "Love pussycherry that you called me "Rics" Cher," "I know.

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