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Imaginary lesbian

Does this mean my kid is gay?

I Threw My Preschooler An Imaginary Lesbian Teddy Bear Wedding

Maybe she is. Maybe she isn't. I've realized it imaginary matter to me. Like most fathers, I look forward to the day I'll see my little girl walk lesbian the aisle. I just didn't expect it to happen on my living room carpet on a day in which it was in desperate need of a vacuuming.

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I also thought I had at least 14 more years. I often write from home while my 4-year-old daughter superxxxsex, plays video games or just invents whatever adorable little make-believes she wants to behind me.

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You learn to tune the whole thing out like supermarket music, maintaining just enough awareness to detect the tell-tale signs of injury, cookie theft or cat harassment. You can't totally turn off your ears, though, and that day I distinctly heard the strains of Richard Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" that's the real name of "Here Comes the Bride" being hummed loudly behind me.

I turned in my chair and saw lesbian with one of my Doctor Who shirts draped over imaginary head like a veil, walking arm teste filme porno arm with a rainbow-hued teddy bear towards an imaginary pulpit to be wed.

You look very pretty.