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Ein XX/XY-Hermaphrodit mit einem „intratubulären Ei“ und einem Gonadoblastom (Gonocytom III)

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Die Problematik der Entstehung dieser Mosaike wird besprochen und eine Superfetation angenommen. A 16 year old patient, who is considered as a girl, expressed the desire to be recognized as australiangirlsporn boy. Hermaphrodit intersexuality is manifested by a urogenital type IV, with sinus urogenitalis, uterus and tubes.

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The considerations involved in the development of such a mosaic are discussed and a superfetation is assumed. The possibility of loss of cells from a higher mosaic is discussed with respect to the present case, but this possibility was excluded on the basis hermaphrodit anatomical considerations. The cases of unilateral gonads collected from the literature were brought into consideration for hermaphrodit possible explaination of the present hermaphrodit, but any genetic identity was excluded.

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The known gonadoblastomas are cited and it would appear likely, from indirect information of earlier investigators, that such tumors were also found in cases of mosaic intersexuality, nude pushi kiss though the methods then available hermaphrodit such identifications were inadequate.