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Heather Thomas nude

There's no better way for a new TV show to distinguish itself than to feature a bodacious bikini babe in the opening titles.

Heather Thomas set the precedent for this scheme in with The Fall Guywhich featured her big smile, big feathered blonde hair, and big.

As stuntwoman Jodi Banks, the Greenwich, Connecticut, native's infamous assets were the cherry on the cheesecake appeal for the show's five-year run. Her career thomasnudephotos then has been less high-profile, but sexy all along.

#TheFappening: Heather Thomas Nude

On the big screen, she played the object of telekinetic dork Wanda de jesus Baio 's lust in Zapped! But, except for a nip-slip or two, Mr. Skin 's American girl obsession sadly remains hidden. Hidden Obsession - as Ellen Carlyle. Red Blooded Heather Girl - as Paula. The Fall Guy - as Jody Banks.