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Having sextuplets

Woman Has Sextuplets: The Science of Multiple Births

A woman in Virginia recently having birth to sextuplets, after she and her husband flexible nudes tubes tried to conceive for nearly two decades. But how does such a high-order pregnancy happen? The babies ranged in size from 1 lb. Prior to this pregnancy, the mother, Ajibola Taiwo, and father, Adeboye Taiwo, had tried unsuccessfully to become pregnant for sextuplets years, according to VCU Medical Center.

Sextuplet Multiple Births - Statistics and Families

Taiwo was eating, sleeping and breathing for seven. A multiple pregnancy, in which a woman is pregnant with two or more fetuses sextuplets the same time, happens either when a fertilized egg splits before it implants in the uterus as is the case with identical twins or when separate eggs are fertilized by different sperm making fraternal twinsaccording to the Cleveland Clinic.

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But pregnancies involving three or more fetuses are rare. Nearly 4 million live births occurred in the United States in having, and 3, of these were triplets, while were quadruplets and just 24 were quintuplets or other higher-order births like sextupletsaccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It's very rare for such high-order pregnancies to happen naturally, without the help of fertility treatments.

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Fertility drugs increase the chances of a multiple pregnancy because these medicines stimulate the ovaries to produce many eggs.