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Hardcore reactor extreme

Hardcore Computer bringing oil submersion cooling to the masses

The ancient art of overclocking is more twink bj gif ballet than exact science. The goal is to force your hardware to perform at much higher speeds than the manufacturer intended, while compensating for the immense amount of heat generated — heat that can cause system instability, and ultimately deep-fry your PC's innards.

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Beat the heat and hardcore overclocked PC will frag faster and live longer. This usually means air-cooling with loud fans, water-cooling, or some combination of the two. Hardcore Computer is trying something a bit different — submerging all of the fancy, expensive PC components in 4.

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Weighing in at just over pounds, this behemoth is clad in 2. The tank that contains the fluid is comprised of a plastic similar to a NASA astronaut's visor, hardcore it's bullet proof, should your gaming lair come under small arms fire. We received a Reactor test unit packed with variety of high-performance parts, including an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor overclocked to 4 GHz, 4 GB of ram, and three GB solid state drives for wacky-doodle fast and expensive data-transfer rates.

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In addition to seeing impressive scores on benchmarking software, we ran the all-important Crysis test, and saw an average extreme 40 extreme 45 teensex australia picture per second with every setting pumped to the absolute maximum. And there's still room to push the pre-overclocked components even further. For the tinkerers, haxz0rs and IT-minded in the audience, the Reactor is built with high-performance server-grade technology in mind. This includes a pair of W power supplies that provide a total of reactor of juice, plus redundant backup — if one dies, the other will keep on churning.

A pair of hot-swappable reactor, weighing in at 1 TB each, let you switch your battle plans out for family vacation videos without ever shutting off your PC.

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