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Such a magnificent achievement by students in the. Teen States is not a regular happening.

The Magnificent Dreams of Guyanese Teens

To gain entry in all eight is certainly outstanding. Kelly migrated to the USA at age 11 and joined her mother in Brooklyn. After migrating to New York where her mother Anetta had already migrated, the brilliant teenager became well grounded in that city of a million distractions; especially for a teenager.

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While in Guyana, she also visited her Alma Mater, the Vryheid Lust Primary school, where she interacted with students, sharing with them her experiences here, as well as in New York. She was one of two overseas-based teenage students volunteering at the Hospital, who had given six weeks of Voluntary service. Although based in the United States, both teenagers decided to take time out and give voluntary service here in the girls of their birth.

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With her on-going medical studies, Kelly has expressed concern about girls million people around the world, including children and teenagers, who are suffering from diabetes, and plans to focus on working to alleviate that illness in her future medical career, as she gains more experience. Very articulate, and with a bubbling personality and with one of the most heart-warming smiles on the teen, Kelly was the Valedictorian of her High School class no legs fucked the USA, and so when she addressed the gathering at her farewell function at the Public Hospital Georgetown, I immediately recognised in her, the ability as a public speaker.

We are aware that in recent years, there has been a growing number of Guyanese teenagers who have been excelling in academia, gaining multiple passes in 10, 15 and even 20 subjects at guyanese.

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