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Nude burma boy time, this young teen made resourceful improvements to these limbs: Soon, this hacked together robotic hand could shake hands, toss a ball, even interact with people. Through tireless trial and error, 3D printing and teenage resourcefulness, this robotic hand would evolve into one of the most efficient, affordable prosthetic arms on the market.

How a teen scientist is augmenting the human body, one robotic limb at a time

In just a few years, the young inventor would meet President Obama and work at Microsoft and NASA, using his mastery of robotics to introduce a new kind of prosthetic limb. Easton LaChappelle, gogo 22 years old, is not only changing the prosthetic industry through these low cost, customizable human-like limbs, but is also changing the lives of amputees.

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LaChappelle partially credits his small hometown of Mancos, Colorado. With a population of around 1, and a graduating class of 23 students, he became curious about the world outside of Mancos early on. So he used the internet as his afterschool classroom. The open source community provided the designs and raw information for LaChappelle to build teen first robot.

Chiaki Kuriyama

Model the cash-strapped boy was resourceful: He used teen line for the tendons, motors from RC airplanes to move it, Legos as supports and electrical tape to piece it all together. That was such model amazing feeling. LaChappelle was hooked.

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At the same time, 3D printers were first lasering their way onto the gogo market.