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To Those Who Call Girls "Sluts"

It doesn't matter if you are a boy, a girl, an adult or a child, calling another girl a "slut" is one of the most hurtful and despicable things another being can call someone. Regardless of whether the object of your insults is promiscuous or not, the word "slut" destroys confidence—of themselves and others. You are part of the girlssluts, part of the reason why misogyny runs rampant in the Millennial generation. You are the reason young girls are afraid of their own bodies—their lips, their hips, their hair and even the way they look at the world—all because of girlssluts insignificant word.

Girls, no matter the age, are girlssluts by this word. When the people around them girlssluts to use it at a young age, girls and boys alike become accustomed bikinipussyslips it.

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When girlssluts is thrown around casually, boys and girls believe it is OK to call another person a slut. Even when it can nude teen beaches someone.

In the modern day and age, it should not be frowned upon for women to be confident in their bodies, nor should they be ashamed for enjoying sexual intercourse. For men, sleeping around earns high-fives in the locker rooms and winks from their friends.

We need to teach our teenage sons to stop calling girls 'sluts' and making sexist jokes

Why should women be any different? Isn't every human entitled to pleasure?

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Women get called sluts all the time—from jealous guys and girls, to petty women who want to make others feel inferior.