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Girls r hardcore

Tough bitch - listens to: You can catch her at a beatdown show chillin with doods who all have blackgirlfucksguy tattoos or bullet wounds.

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Shes hard as nails and even if not she definately plays the part well and if all hardcore xboyfriends arent in prison its best to stay on her good side, which is easy if you arent a bitch cause this girl is probably the coolest of the bunch.

This girl is usually XVX as well and the fact that you eat meat, drink milk and have the occasional beer is repulsing to her.

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At hardcore on a romantic level. These girls are often heavily modded too. Lip plates and scarification galore. Former scene girl listens to: Trapped Under Ice, Title fight……yeah thats it This girl was probably TIna Terror, Maggie Massacre or Sabrina Savage on myspace a few years ago blasting wecamewithbrokenteeth from her ipod mini with the Hello Kitty case but then got herself a hot bf into HXC and when they broke up she shaved girls her head cause thats cool right?

The rest is the devil wears prada lyrics. Infact she looks extremely out of place yet you see her at damn near every show you go to. Mainly Girls shes always dating someone in this scene.

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