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The 14 hottest GoDaddy Girls of all time (since there won’t be any for Super Bowl XLVIII)

Some of the best commercials in the history of television have been made by GoDaddy. They realized a long time ago that if they just did commercials for their products that they would probably bore most people half xxxmilfmom death.

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They are a domain registrar where you can buy domain names and girls for your website. I doubt any of you know what Godaddy Motion Hosting is? What they do know is that the GoDaddy girls are smoking hot.

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You can look back at history and say that many companies were built on highlighting hot women. Just look at what Hooters Girls did for their brand. Go Daddy would try to one-up themselves on their latest Super Bowl commercial.

The Hottest GoDaddy Girls of All Time

Some of them were borderline soft-core porn commercials! I was trying to figure out who the hottest GoDaddy girls were so I decided to make a list. So without further ado, here is my list of the 7 hottest GoDaddy girls of all time.