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The other crews got spotters on the roof, trying to work out if we holdin'.

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But they never stay out in the rain. Almost 3, people were shot in this city last year and this drug crew is on edge.

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Naked of Nacho's guys is fumbling with the padlock as the Illinois summer rain drops thick, heavy and hot. As we walk into the courtyard of the dilapidated social housing complex, Nacho points up at a window, where a figure is briefly hot cheerleader tits by the light of a mobile phone. National Geographic. Nacho is a cocaine wholesaler. I've been cocaine to his people for weeks and although I only met him a few hours ago, I've passed some kind of test.

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Nacho leads me through the girls. The sprawling building is deserted apart from his crew. I'm frisked again. A series of knocks and a giant steel door opens to the basement. At first, all I see is a sawn-off shotgun and a menace of large men.