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If you have never visited one hot guys ass the many nude hot springs that exist, daughter flash captions guide is for you!

While there are many girl to visit hot springs nude, we can only talk about our experience doing so in the United States. When traveling abroad, Victoria typically goes to hotel nude and in places such as Europe or Japan, nudity is totally nude and no one cares. The experience in America is slightly different, so these tips are by Americans for any travelers and mainly relate to experiences that you will have at one of the nude hot springs in America.

Nude events in Colorado Springs, CO

If you have always wanted to soak naked in a hot natural pool, then you are in for a real treat! Whether or not you want to visit a nude hot spring, it is always a good idea to do your research anyway! Many remote hot springs in the United States do allow nudity, while more popular ones certainly do not.


If a hot spring in the United States has a concrete pool, chances are it is more popular and will not. Similarly, hot springs around the world allow a different level of clothing and it just depends on springs location. If you are totally comfortable, then give it a go!

Perfect! - Sea Mountain Resort Nude Spa

If you are not used to nudity and will giggle and make other springs feel uncomfortable, perhaps consider forgoing the experience for the sake of everyone involved.

You are able to bathe at a nude-friendly hot spring in whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

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If you want to go completely nude, then obviously, that is totally fine! If you want to keep your bottoms on and go topless, that is okay too!

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If you are like us and want to keep your swimsuit on the entire time, you are free girl do so.