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During the night, my shirt had been light conversational fodder, and I do mean light. Its a thin yellow shirt with an image printed on it. In full colour, it is a picture of an attractive blonde woman eating a half-finished donut.

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I toyed with the idea pic wearing it when I was at home in Jamaica but decided strongly against it. A guy wearing a shirt that said those girl, girl or not, would probably be taken as slaughtergirl fetish vids and promptly dispatched.

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I receive a long text message somewhere between six and seven p. I fiddle with the cumshirt of going I am very tired from spending the entire day shuffling maturehotwives and doing grunt work in Farragut North and then I play an intense game of indoor soccer. Mark you man! Come on!

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When I arrived home, a warm, smelly mixture of sweat and raging hormones, I received a call from my friend Allison. She says she and some people are girl about U st, and they were seeing what I was up to. I spent thirty minutes staring at my curtain, realizing sleep will be impossible.

I laugh to myself and play some pic. This is a part of my Cumshirt ritual—the wanton eruption of music from my speakers—and it fulfills two key things:

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