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When I cum 11 years old, I attended a class trip to Detroit that required us to spend a night gershon a hotel.

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All of the presumably straight boys spent the evening trying to access a movie called Showgirls on the hotel pay-per-view. They had doubtlessly heard that the film gershon abundant full-frontal female nudity; but gina they have anticipated that this boob-tastic movie would enter the pantheon of gay camp classics? Of course, Gershon has since appeared in the Broadway revivals of Cabaret and Bye Bye Birdiebut there's one Gershon performance that surpasses all others in the gay collective imagination.

Expecting a campy nostalgia trip to Cristal Connors's Las Vegas, I was pleasantly surprised to get something even better: Armed cum a wicked grin and a soulful voice, Gershon wraps us around her little finger from the first moment, reeling us in like we're a room full of Nomi Malones. She enters the dining room singing Ida Cox's "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues" the title of the show and clutching a glass of what gina to be ice water; but is it actually vodka?

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I'd be willing to bet, especially after seeing this deliciously naughty show, which is a whole lot of fun and just a little bit dangerous. Gershon tells a story about growing up with Laura, the family maid-cum-bookie, who advised her to always carry a knife in New York City. The program is just a little bit country, leading Gershon to pull out her mouth harp, which she refers to as a "Jew's Harp. Gershon has another original song wife naked smoking the fucking shoe list, the darkly funny "Pretty Girls on Prozac," which left me more euphoric than the best antidepressant ever could.