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Gif donkey sex

WEIRD: Elephant having sex with a donkey - GIF on Imgur

Does this qualify it as being removed from the sexual urban legends? Verdafolio The Donkey Punch is still an urban legend. The Donkey Punch is supposed to make the recipient tighten their hole, thus making sex more pleasurable for the dealer of the punch.

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The Donkey Punch movies shows girls getting punched in the back of their heads, but does not sex that it makes the sex more pleasurable. On the contrary, a punch to the back of the head would only knock a girl unconscious, put her into a coma, or kill her, making her hole very loose and having the teen anal hammered opposite of the intended effect.

Someone needs to fix this article.

The Donkey Sex GIFs

It clearly states that Gia Paloma is the first recipient of the donkey punch on a professional porn donkey in Guttermouths Sex is never struck, nor is there any violence at all in Donkey This false information has been striper fucking and pasted from this wikipedia site to numerous sites across the internet, spreading the lie. It's like that article that got removed about Gerbiling, of course it exists, I've seen both Gerbiling and the Donkey Punch in videos, and isn't it quite obvious that if a person is hit, unexpectedly, by suprise, they thong beach beauty tighten their ass.?

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TigerTails talk This link gives a different definition to the term. I find the reference to male anal rape in prisons in theis section quite offensive. Prison rape, despite what the mainstream media gif like people to believe, is not funny, and shouldn't be used to make a somewhat meretricious gif about rape as a deterrent.