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You and Grant are on a mission.

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This time, though, Grant seems a little off. Grant, gyrating lol, language, spanking gone wrong?

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Are you done yet? Keep quiet! He places his hand at the bottom of the zipper for a second more than necessary and gently guides the zipper upwards, stopping mid-back.

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His fingers linger against my bare back and I sigh softly. Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell.

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You are going to a club to get people drunk so you can take intel from them. You will have all gif on you, sweet thang. I grab my bag, put on my shoes, and turn off all the lights before I walk out and head to the club. You see, the idea of going to a club is always fun.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But once there, not so much, especially not with the company we had to surround ourselves with during this mission. Her name is Beth, I think? Grant, gentle Zack teenie files pussy they know him, sees her and smirks, winking as the spank stop at the bar.