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Kids must understand knife crime horror, says Gemma Newman sister - CoventryLive

Kelly Newman, whose year-old sister Gemma was killed by a former boyfriend in Wilsons Lane, Longford inhas herself been holding knife crime workshops in schools across gemma country for the past two-and-half years. Classes could begin as early as next year in some schools under proposals suggested by former EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella, who has been advising the government on knife newman.

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Ms Kinsella was asked to investigate measures to curb gun and knife crime after her brother, Ben, was stabbed to death in Her report has gone to ministers and includes a recommendation that anti-violence classes be incorporated into the national curriculum.

Kelly, sex has met Brooke and been in contact with her since, said: Children are already educated about sex and drugs at schools, why not this?

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We need amature ddd boobs in place in schools to teach them what they are learning on the streets is wrong. The fund recently secured funding and created a short film about the dangers and impact knife crime, which has been shown, as part of knife-crime workshops run by the memorial fund.

Kids must understand knife crime horror, says Gemma Newman sister

So far Kelly has spoken to thousands of school children from Coventry to Liverpool about knife crime. She said: We have been able to get it across what it is like to be a victim of knife crime. Ms Kinsella added:

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