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She refused to go to her room, so a gagged girl was gagged and bound with duct tape inna naked girls shut in a laundry by gagged furious father. Having tied both her arms and legs, he walked away, not returning to free her for 10 minutes.

The girls Masterton man this week admitted assaulting the girl, as well as injuring her by flipping her out of bed during an argument.

Girl found gagged, bound

The software developer and father of two, whose name is suppressed, was sentenced in Masterton District Court to nine girls supervision.

The court heard how, during an argument in September, he told his daughter to go to her room for "being naughty" and not doing as she was told. When she refused, he carried her screaming to her room, where she started hitting the door.

He then carried her into the laundry and shut the door, but she continued to make a noise.

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He returned with a roll of duct tape, police prosecutor Sergeant Greg Peters said. The man told police he bound the girl because she was trying to escape through the laundry window, and freed her 10 minutes later. However, the girl told police that she freed herself and did manage to escape through the window.