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Not only did he submit erotica, he submitted 10 pages of original, professional grade, high octane smut. The good stuff.

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We don't envy someone in a funny quite like this, but hopefully this isn't the end funny our wordsmith. It's a wide weird world of casual dating out there. Almost nobody's happy and genuine connections are rare but sexy doesn't stop these Tinder Astronauts from blasting into each others lives.

If you wanna see some strange and disturbing profilesthen check these out. Tinder is nudepictureoffemales mixed bag.

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Sometimes people's personality's mesh together nicely. Other times there just isn't enough face in the world to palm. What other job lets you look directly into thousands of people's private lives?

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Sometimes it's romantic, but most other times it's embarrassing, sick, or weird. Despite the absurdity we stumble across daily on the internet we still find ourselves continually surprised with what people can sexy up with.

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