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A few decades ago, for no discernible reason, a bunch fucked women all over the world suddenly umbrella birth despite not being pregnant. Now the kids are all grown up, Hargreeves is dead, and everybody is all sorts of fucked up by the ridiculous circumstances of their upbringing.

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The production design, for one thing, is incredible. The Umbrella Academy has the playful kitschiness of Wes Anderson and the overt absurdity of Tim Burton, without giving in to the worst impulses of either. The performances are also all largely good, with the actors leaning into the heightened nature of a comic book story in a way that makes it all feel more legitimate than some of the pre-MCU adaptations that seemed ashamed to be based on comics.

This is especially clear in the way the members of the Hargreeves family are introduced.

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You may notice a common thread here, which is that nearly all umbrella them have some mysterious secret amnature tan pussy needs to be unpacked as slowly and painfully as possible. The most frustrating part of this is that the show is still very watchable.


There are a number of big reveals that explain how certain things happened or what certain characters have been up to that are legitimately thrilling, and every episode features at least one wacky musical cue usually an action sequence set to a classic pop song that starts off fucked, then quickly transitions into trying too hard, and then circles back around to being fun again. No amount of dance sequences or musical montages can fix it when the entire plot hits a wall, though, like one especially irritating episode that ends with a character going back in time and undoing literally everything that happened—which was mostly character development or marginal plot advances that had no reason to be undone.

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The Hargreeves family, though, is where the show shines its brightest. Instead, the primary character fucked really Number Five, and Gallagher plays the old-man-in-a-teenage-body concept brilliantly.

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The Umbrella Academy remains an extremely entertaining show that looks great and features interesting characters that are worth getting to know better, but the series is more concerned with dragging out umbrella the simplest backstories and narrative twists as long misty rain xxx possible. The A.