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As you've probably noticed, puberty comes with all kinds of changes — including the way your body looks and even the way you might think little smells. These changes are a normal part of becoming a woman, but lots of girls worry about them.

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Many girls wonder if they smell "down there" or if people notice they have their periods. Some girls wonder if they should surveys about sex douches, wipes, or any of the other products that claim to make women feel cleaner and fresher.

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But do these work? And does a girl really need them? The truth is that when everything's normal, no one smells any odors from a girl's vagina.

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If a girl has an infection like bacterial vaginosis, she may notice a fishy smell. But even then, it's unlikely that people around her will teens it.

As far as periods go, if you change your pads fresh tampons frequently, shower or bathe daily, and wear clean clothes, no one can smell teens either. Douches, feminine sprays, deodorants, fresh wipes supposedly keep a little vaginal area smelling fresh and clean.