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Fran Drescher See Through Dress Highlights Bra And Panties - Taxi Driver Movie

Fran in a corner banquette at DB Bistro Moderne the other day, the actress Fran Drescher quite understandably eschewed the signature foie-gras-stuffed burger in favor of mixed greens and a small plate of pasta. Drescher, 48, in her inimitable Flushing honk. Drescher married her high-school sweetheart and moved to Los Angeles; had a memorable bit part in This Is Spinal Tap ; and created—along panties her husband, Peter Jacobson—the monster television hit, The Nannywhich she starred in, executive-produced, co-wrote and sometimes directed, and which now is in syndication.

There has also been another, less successful sitcom, Living with Franon the WB.

Fran Drescher Skips Bra, Goes for a Walk With Younger Boyfriend Shiva Ayyadurai—See the Pic!

Drescher and Mr. Jacobson divorced in ; she went on to write two New York Times best-sellers, Enter Whining and Cancer Schmancerwhich frankly discussed being raped at gunpoint in her home, the painful split from her husband, her love affair with a man 16 years her junior, and her two-year, sexy red wings battle with uterine cancer, which culminated in a radical hysterectomy. How scary could a Neil LaBute play be after all fran It brings in audiences, it brings in revenue, you know. She had decided not to bring her beloved chocolate Pomeranian, Esther, to meet The Observer drescher, as she was concerned about giving the wrong impression.

Drescher, who is staying in an apartment she owns on the Upper West Side.

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I panties this is the perfect thing for me to be doing in every way. Drescher said with a smile.