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Yesterday Flickr made their first big restructuring announcement since recently being purchased by SmugMug. Beginning next year on January 8th, Flickr will limit free accounts to 1, photos.

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The previously offered free 1 terabyte of storage goes away. At the same time Flickr is returning their paid pro account to unlimited storage which had been their original offer before capping new Pro accounts at 1 terabyte back sister Now all Pro accounts are back to flickr unlimited. In that video a simple assertion was made: Television delivers people to an advertiser.

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To put things more simply, there are two viable business models on the internet today to deliver service. Flickr delivers a clean hot naturist interface, full high nude photos, a compelling app for my iPhone, unlimited storage, kick ass organizational tools, a social community to engage with, search tools, stats, and much more. I have spent thousands of hours of my life on the site — thousands of ad-free hours not just for me, but for any of my friends or even strangers who happen to land on my photo page too.