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56 Photos Of Plus Size Individuals With Small Boobs Because Fat Visibility Is For Everyone

Helloooo, how are you? I must fat that this topic is really personal to me because as you see, today will be about "flat chested" or "no tits" which is something i can srsly relate to since i am flat chested and i've hated it for so long, hated myself and my chested image just because my tits even fat are so freaking small, like a little cookie or kind of hahaha.

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But let's get into the story of my flat chested life, go get some tea, snack or whatever you want to have now and get prepared to read a really weird story of a girl who hated herself for how she naturally was When i started growing up all the girls around me would develop physically yup, i'm talking about getting boobs, taller and looking like barbies but little me would stay the same, flat, not to tall and looking like a baby chested baby faced guys i was like 11 years old or less so i really didn't mind that at all, i mean i did notice but didn't care at that time.

I was so angry with myself for no developing like other girls were doing, i was like the little ugly duck in the group and i hated that so i sachem sluts something so stupid, stpid and ten times stupid; i started overeating to gain some weight so it might could go to my no existent boobs and boys may like me like they did with the other girls.

So i started eating, eating like crazy and my family said that it was because i was growing up and fat body needed it, ofc i said yes but they didn't knew that i actually was eating like that because i wanted boobs!

If You're Flat Chested You NEED To Read This. (From A Flat Chested Girl)

I spent years like that, until i was like around 16 and guess what yupyour girl was still with a flat chest, with 16 looking like 13 and some said 11, hilarious isn't it? One day a good friend of mine told me that i was "getting fat" so i started eating less and The thing is that as i started eating less that OH by naked dreads way flat almost forget to tell you that although i was eating like a pork i didn't got boobs at all, or ass flat anything else!!.

I losted so many years feeling unloved, unwanted and all for my boob size, i know for some people it's might be stupid but for some of us it's so hard to accept that you're not able to go to women bra area to shop because you're not even an Flat cup, it's hard my friend, really hard because nowadays boobs are everywhere and we are constantly bombarded with the idea that women MUST have tits in order to be desirable and be hot and beautiful and men grow up with this idea which make them want to have that kind of women.

There's not only one type chested boob size and even if the world know about it we have to be honest that society always put women with bigger breasts as the most desirable.