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First time shave

You’re not the only one confused about shaving.

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With the grain or against? Soften the hairs or just go for it? Lots of shaving cream or a little? Ready to get going? Get going into your bathroom, lock the door and read these instructions! Before going into battle, take some time out so your skin is prepared for your razor.

11 Things To Know Before You Shave Your Face For The First Time

To do this, Brittania suggests softening your facial hair. To do this, you simply dab your face with warm water. You then mix in your shaving cream or gel and let it sit for two entire minutes to get it in the right condition.

Do you have patchy spots or do you have hair all over? A good rule of thumb is nudism bald examine what parts of your face time shaving shave going in.

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The more thorough you map it, the easier your shave will be.