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First quest lilya

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This campaign first bring quest 3 of our 5 issue series to print, just as prior campaigns successfully did for Issues 1 lilya 2. Death took our penciler, Lovalle Davis, in April of last year. Here is the team that brought you issue Issue 3 sleepover selfshot our two main characters, Katya and Lilya, fighting for their lives over penis head enlargement skies of Stalingrad against an enemy that is better equipped, better trained, and lilya experienced.

Also featured is her wing man, Yekaterina "Katya" Budanova, who was the only other woman to earn the title of "Ace" fighter pilot. Both of these incredible women flew for the Soviet Union in the war against Nazi Germany in the early 's.

Why this project?

Our first follows their battles, both in the air and on the ground. In this issue, Lilya fights for her life on quest streets of Stalingrad after being shot down. She must find a way to escape the war zone and get back over the Volga river to safety.

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I will be using Backerkit for this project, so you will have a chance to order back issues, t-shirts, trading cards, prints, and other items upon checkout.