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Female sith

One of the greatest aspects of the Star Wars universe is its villains.

10 of the Most Deadly Female Dark Siders in Star Wars

When Sith Lucas created the Jedi and Sith, the Light Side and the Dark Side, he put a fascinating new spin on the ages-old battle between good and evil. We may want Luke female blow the Death Star to pieces and we may cheer for Han when he sends Boba Fett to his doom in the Sarlacc Pit even if it was accidental! Princess Leah inspired countless other leading ladies with her heroism, while Jyn Erso and Rey have been tremendous additions to the universe too.

But when you put these two things together — female Dark Side and well-written female characters — you get some truly irresistible villains. Asajj Ventress is clean petite pussy of the strongest characters created for The Clone Warsbringing a real sense of menace to the family-friendly movie and series.

Ventress was born into the care of the Nightsisters Sith, but soon ended up in the hands of a criminal. Despite being trained as a Jedi, Ventress was eventually so consumed with rage at the murder of her Jedi Master, she succumbed to the lure of the Dark Side.

Ventress has an amazing look: Her grasp of the Force and her ruthlessness helped her become a major Sith figure in the Star Wars universe.