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As is the custom these days, Minaj took to Twitter to voice her frustration.

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She set off a firestorm when she implied that female lack of nomination was a result of unfair discrimination. I can, however, appreciate the cultural conversation that her comments have sparked. She may not have gotten the nomination she desired, but Minaj was victorious in launching a wave of scrutiny that the music industry has, in my opinion, long deserved. In no way seeking to overshadow the very serious issue of race in music, I find that the discussion foto ml hardcore been revelatory in more musical than one.

More than shedding light on existing racial disparity in the industry, the recent examination of the music industry has uncovered a notable gender naked as well.

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Consider the recent Marie Claire article by Corinne Redfern. All of the above videos have been controversial, but they were acknowledged by the industry for their impact nevertheless.

Redfern seems to imply that stripping down is the established prerequisite for female recognition in music. Being the feminist that I am, several questions immediately came to mind.

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My curiosity piqued, I decided to look into it further and watch all of the winning Best Videos of the past several years. Of those nine, six appear naked or in underwear at some point in their video.