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Female chav sex

Pornhub data dumps never fail to deliver cringe worthy insights into the darkest depths of our smutty souls, but this year there is something singularly bleak about the statistics.

What Does chav Mean? | Slang by

The theory that sexual fantasies are born from learned behaviours would indicate that there are cultural forces at work in British society that have led heterosexual female to link the sexual acquiescence of sex class women with their sex gratification.

The idea popularised by Owen Jones is that the ruling elite have facilitated a culture of demonising working class communities through attacks on their lifestyle choices as a way to clear the path for the dismantling of the welfare state. When applied to women the term implies promiscuity and early motherhood.

In the public imagination these women are, at female worst, Jeremy Kyle fodder teen mothers who use their vaginas to jump council house waiting lists.

They are the women who have no control over their base impulses and use their sexuality to drain the state.

Why is 'chav' still controversial?

At best they are the stars of reality TV shows such as Geordie Shore, in which they trade in their sexuality to gain celebrity and escape their class positions.

Even in a world shaped by feminist sexual liberation the UK carries with it deeply ingrained double standards. Middle class women explore their desires at university or play xxxonlytamil career girl sexual fantasies in their late twenties, before settling down into middle class domestic bliss. Primark thongs mark you as a slag, whereas Agent Provocateur panties mean you are sexually liberated.

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These men pay their taxes so sexual gratification is the very least they deserve from these dole-scrounging, sexually immoral women. You can find chav Community Guidelines in full here.

Why is 'chav' still controversial? - BBC News

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