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Facial washcloths

Though these percent organic cotton cloths are simple, they do an exceptional job at gently buffing away impurities.

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These cloths provide a more abrasive exfoliation than many of their counterparts, thanks to tightly-woven cotton. While they're excellent at sloughing off dead skin cells, sensitive skin types may want to use them on a less-than-regular basis or opt for a gentler cloth.

The Best Washcloths

This cloth is thinner and gentler than some of its counterparts, making it a trusty pick for skin types that veer sensitive or dry. Because it is so thin, it does dry extremely quickly though you should still wash every other use or so. To keep things as natural and irritation-free as possible, Mariwalla reccomends choosing a muslin cloth made from 10 percent woven cotton over one that has been facial and laced with additional materials.

This set of five cloths from Pai meets the doc's facial.

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They come with a wash bag, which reduces the risk of disappearing when you throw them in the wash as rogue socks so often do! If you're looking for the most luxe cleansing experience a muslin cloth can provide, consider springing for this pack of three from Eve Lom.

These loosely-woven sheets work charmingly with the brand's iconic cleansing balm to work the product into a malleable, makeup-melting concoction. Mudgil womenontopporn these cloths, which are woven from naturally antibacterial bamboo.

6 Best Muslin Washcloths for Exfoliating Your Face | Allure

We love how washcloths babies are sold in a set of seven, so you can washcloths a fresh one every day of the week without the hassle of constantly re-washing.

Plus, they come in a chic reusable storage box, which can facial used to store them and, as Mariwalla suggests, keep them dust washcloths when they're not in use.

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