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Facial expression animation

If your animated characters can't express themselves, it's going to be difficult for the viewer to expression about them!

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This is a step-by-step, frame-by-frame tutorial to help you figure out how to animate a thinking character. Did you use karmin nude instructable in your classroom?

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Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Start by drawing the character in its most basic forms.

Facial Expression in Animation

Don't flesh out the drawing until the end! This will keep you from becoming too attached to an animation that has poor movement. The crosshair across the face will help you facial where the character's head is facing. In order to anticipate the movement of the character placing its chin in its hand, it is going to start looking slightly upward and towards the viewer.


To make the motion smooth, you'll want several frames that are very similar to each other, but continue moving. As you can see, the little animation of hair is being dragged to the left with the motion.

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I've started to move the arm forward to anticipate it coming up in the next frame. The face is still in the smoothing process of motion, but we can start to bring the arm upwards towards the face.