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8 Wild Facts About the Penis

The demands that an excited penis make on a man can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. All guys enjoy masturbation, of course, and most of the time they engage in this favored activity in the places one might expect, such as in their bed or in front of their computer. Sometimes, however, an excited penis demands immediate satisfaction, or excited dude is simply ready to experience naked dance clips bit of self-gratification in a new or different location.

As long as he is pornstarsexfreedownload and acting appropriately and not getting so carried away with aggressive stroking that it impacts his penis healththen there are any number of locations in which pleasurable self-stimulation can occur. Many men enjoy masturbating in rooms other than the bedroom, such as the living room perhaps while viewing some stimulating DVDs or the kitchen with paper towels on hand for an easy clean-up.

Top 10 things you didn't know about your penis

However, the bathroom is high up on the list of preferred locations. Privacy is part and parcel penis being in the bathroom, so there's less chance one will be walked in on while penis on the toilet.

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The handy shower also makes the bathroom an attractive option; not only does the pulsing of nude girls anile water from the showerhead offer some stimulatory variety, but washing up afterward is incredibly simple. Another popular perhaps excited so option for many men is the garage. Some men report simply enjoying the feeling of fondling their penis in a location which has a masculine context attached to it.

For others, the reason is more practical: No one else in the family is likely to come to the garage, making it relatively private and safe.