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They were always horny.

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Didn't matter where or when, they were likely to start playing with each other if the mood struck them. Marla and Ruthie couldn't keep their hands off each other. So it wasn't a shock to their friend Adam when they started getting all hot and heavy on the roof top of his apartment building. They had gone up to see the view and get a few shots of the city for a web client.

Erotic Porn Stories

As eroticpornstories as they were up there though, they felt that urge coming over them. Adam just shook his head and laughed, prepared to leave them to it when Ruthie started sucking Marla's tits and eroticpornstories her near topless. Then they had told him not to go.

Adam thought he must be dreaming but they made it very obvious they were serious. As Marla returned the favor to Ruthie, sucking and nibbling her nipples until they ached, Ruthie told Adam to raychel ray naked off eroticpornstories pants.

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Adam wasn't a "get but naked on the rooftop in the broad daylight" sorta guy, but when he saw them sucking on each eroticpornstories and running their hands up each others skirts.

Ruthie smiled as she saw the size of Adam's cock. Adam swallowed hard and realized. They motioned eroticpornstories him to come over and then knelt down in front of him.