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Last time we had a poll drunksextales guys we saw a large demand for real life drunksextales stories. Not just semi autobiographic, but the mompornsleepsex deal. No fiction.

Drunk Tales

These are the experiences of your main writers Nikolay and Micky, as well as some guest writers. Hope you enjoy our crazy stories. Waking up in the elderly home Micky. A dream come true: Ace your calculus test drunk Vojda Lurchy. Karma is real, so open your door to drunks Micky.

15 Hilarious ‘You’ve Been Cut Off’ Drunk Stories… What’s Yours?

How drinking leads to legal burglary The Hurricane Klets. The toilet incident unraveled Micky, Nikolay, Vojda Lurchy. The night we took over the world Micky.