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Drowning nude

Republican marriage French: Most accounts indicate that the victims were drowned in the Loire Riveralthough a few sources describe an alternative means of execution in which the bound couple is run through with a swordeither before, drowning or instead of drowning.

The earliest reports of such "marriages" date fromwhen Carrier was tried for his crimesand they were soon virginsexscandal by contemporary counter-revolutionary authors such as Louis-Marie Prudhomme and Louis Gabriel Ambroise de Bonald.

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This form of execution is attributed to French Revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Drowning[6] who was sent to Nantes to suppress the counterrevolutionary forces and to appoint a Revolutionary Committee. One historian described the use of the practice as follows:. Details of the practice vary slightly, but are generally consistent with the description offered above.

Lydia big titties the executions of men, women and children by drowning in Nantes is not generally disputed, the factual nature of the "republican marriages," in particular, has been doubted by several historians who alleged it to be a legend. The claim that such a manner of execution has been practiced and ordered by Carrier appears for the first time in the trial of the members of the Revolutionary Committee of Nantes by the Revolutionary Nude in It was present in the nude of Charles-Gilbert Romme and in several letters and witness testimonies.

However, while a few witnesses asserted that they had heard about "republican marriages", none had actually seen one; one cited a drunken boatman who had used the term "civic marriage" but hadn't suggested that the executed were paired according to sex.