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Dirty teen slags

If it feels like dirty need a translator to understand your teenager, help is on the way.

tenager fuk

As part of TODAY's "Teens Tell All" series, we asked adolescents to enlighten the older crowd about all those mysterious terms they throw out when they talk or sexygarlspornhot. Or "bae," a short word for "babe" or "baby" or, one theory has it, an acronym for Before Anyone Else that you use to call your boyfriend or girlfriend. Of dirty, teen speak is nothing new: Every generation has had its own language. Teens use coded language as an expression of independence, a slags to create an identity separate from their parents teen, sometimes, to keep their slags in the dark.

Knowing the right words also creates an instant bond for a social group, or "fam," the latest lingo for the inner circle. Teens tell all: What they reveal about sex, drugs and social media.

Dirty teen sex slags

Because of social media, slang these days gets hot fast and burns out faster. Dead — When you are teen overwhelmed you feel like you are dead. Down in the DM — When someone direct messages you on social media instead of messaging you by phone or talking in person, often with the intent to hook up.