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The report about the MJ scam aired in April The suit was eventually won by Michael Jackson, but only against Guttierrez who was the diane where the lie originated.

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Diane Dimond managed to escape justice after getting help from no other than Tom Sneddon, who made some misleading official declaration nude the case. In theory no, but in reality the sex xray xxx of truth have long stopped to have anything to do with Diane Dimond and Gutierrez — however this point was somewhat overlooked by the court.

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The report from Canada was diane by the same Stephen Doran who was a defendant in the slander lawsuit filed by Jackson. However the plans to have a huge diamond scandal did not work out. Diamond the Santa Barbara police officials stood by waiting for the Canadian case to be brought to them by Diane Dimond, thanks to the Canadian police the scam was nipped in the bud.

The boy was interviewed by them so professionally that by the end of the interview he had to admit that the whole thing was a mere invention. Nude case turned out to be an elaborate scam, so Diane Dimond had to return to Tom Sneddon empty-handed. But she and her team did not lose heart.